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SunRail Safety

Be Smart, Be Safe Around Railroad Tracks.

SunRail is committed to providing a safe and convenient travel option for all of Central Florida. Please be smart, be safe and keep yourself and your vehicle clear of railroad tracks. With SunRail trains traveling 17 hours a day and more than 100 grade crossings on the route, train safety is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Do not stop on the tracks–keep back 25 feet
  • Avoid distractions like texting near tracks
  • Do not walk or place objects on the tracks
  • Cross only at designated areas
  • Observe railroad signs and signals
  • Always look for a second train
  • Never attempt to board a train in motion
  •  Watch your step getting on and off trains
  • Report suspicious packages and actions  

It’s important to remember that train tracks are not a playground, photo studio, walking path or recreation area.

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