New Business Owner's Guide

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  • Businesses that are located within Lake Mary city limits will need TWO local business tax receipts--one from the City and one from Seminole County.  You must obtain your City tax receipt prior to obtaining one from the County.  Below are the addresses of County offices where you obtain your County tax receipt:
Seminole County Services Bldg. 1101 E. First St.   Sanford
Lake Mary Office  845 Primera Blvd.  Lake Mary
Wilshire Plaza   104 Wilshire Blvd.     Casselberry
Oak Grove Shoppes  995 N SR 434, #505       Altamonte Springs
Oviedo City Hall   1490 Swanson Dr., #100  Oviedo
  • Home Based Businesses:  If you are operating a business out of your home, you are required to submit a floor plan of your home indicating the area that you will be using to conduct the business.  If you rent your home, you are also required to submit a notarized letter from your landlord granting you permission to conduct such occupation.  The initial fee for a home-based business is $100.00.
  • Commercial Businesses:   The Community Development Department has to approve the type of business at the location.  You may be required to pay additional impact fees based on the type of business. To determine if this is required, contact the Community Development Department at (407) 585-1440.
  • Door-To-Door Solicitation:  Hours of solicitation are from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Monday thru Friday.  No solicitation is permitted on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.  It shall be unlawful to solicit from, in or on any public roads, streets, road rights-of-way, medians or safety zones or, while located on a City sidewalk, to solicit from vehicles in the adjacent city, county or state roadways.
  • You must file a Fictitious Name Registration with the State of Florida as per Florida Statute section 865.09.  This applies to anyone conducting a business and using a business name that does not fall under the State of Florida exemption guidelines.  For further information, contact the State of Florida Fictitious Name Department at (850) 245-6058.
  • Corporations are filed with the State.  Call (850) 245-6052 for further information.  Out-of-state corporations must also  register if they intend to use their corporate name.  Call  (850) 245-6051 for information.
  • State Sales Tax numbers are issued by the Florida Department of RevenueTheir local office is located at 2301 Maitland Center Pkwy., #160, Maitland.  (407) 475-1200 or (800) 352-3671
  • Federal I.D. numbers are issued by the Internal Revenue Service.   For information on how to obtain the I.D. number, call (800) 829-4933.
  • Workman’s Compensation information can be obtained by calling the Orlando office of the Department of Financial Services Customer Service line at (850) 413-1609 or (407) 835-4406. 
  • Small business development seminars are available through Seminole State College in Sanford.  (407) 321-3495  
  • All City tax receipts expire September 30th and can be renewed online at, by mail or at Lake Mary City Hall.  Renewal Notices are mailed during August. 

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  All businesses within the state must file an annual Tangible Personal Property Tax Return with the County Property Appraiser on equipment used in the operation of the business.  You may visit the Property Appraiser’s website at to download a sample return with general instructions.  However, it is suggested that you contact the Property Appraiser’s Office at (407) 665-7538 for specific first time filing instructions.

NOTE:  If you discontinue your business, contact the City Clerk’s office at (407) 585-1415. The City Clerk’s Office must be notified of any change of business ownership, location, or mailing address.