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Lake Mary Feature In Uber App Is Live!

The City of Lake Mary now provides support for all Uber trips that begin and end within the City limits.


The City of Lake Mary has officially launched a one-year pilot project with Uber and is now paying a portion of all trips that begin and end within the City limits.

The City now pays 20 percent of any Uber trip that starts and ends within the City limits. As an added benefit to encourage ridership for SunRail, all trips starting or ending at the Lake Mary SunRail station (provided the whole trip remains within the City limits) will receive a 25 percent subsidy. This convenient service eliminates worry over finding parking at popular venues, allows individuals who can't drive the ability to get around the City and provides solutions to urgent situations such as car repair, health care, etc.

To use the new feature, riders must enter the promo code "LAKEMARY" and choose the Lake Mary option to receive the discounted services. The app will recognize if the user is within the Lake Mary City limits. The subsidized portion of rides is automatically deducted from the rider's cost of the trip.

The City's goals of the partnership are to:

  • Help alleviate traffic congestion by promoting ride-sharing through Uber
  • Improve connectivity to regional transit
  • Meet changing transportation needs of the community
  • Offer flexible transportation options
  • Assess ways that technology and ride-sharing can be utilized to meet future transportation needs


Our citizens understand that mobility is all about having options.   We are delighted to join with our neighboring cities to give our residents and businesses an innovative approach to getting around Lake Mary.  People can now ride Uber at a discounted price - which will encourage usage - and provide an important transportation option for all our stakeholders.

-- Mayor David Mealor --


Lake Mary is proud to be one of the Cities Driving Innovation in Central Florida.  The Uber discount program will provide SunRail riders a last mile connection to their final destination.  This program will make SunRail a viable option for the thousands of employees that work closer to Interstate 4 in Lake Mary.

-- Commissioner Gary Brender --       


How It Works:

  1. DOWNLOAD the Uber app from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.
  2. OPEN the Uber app within the Lake Mary City limits and select the Promotions option from the menu.
  3. TAP Select Pickup Location.
  4. SELECT Promo Code at the bottom of the screen.
  5. ENTER 'LAKEMARY' (as one word) in the promo code field.
  6. SLIDE the icon to the Lake Mary option.
  7. ENTER the destination by tapping the plus icon on the pickup address box (Android) or the box behind the pickup address (iPhone).
  8. TAP the Request button to submit your trip.


For help with the Uber app, visit www.uber.com/help.