K-9 Unit

Lake Mary Police Department
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The Lake Mary Police Department’s K-9 Unit provides a number of valuable support services to the agency’s mission. K-9’s are regularly called upon to search for fleeing suspects, perform building searches and to help locate missing persons and property.         

Our K-9 Neso is tasked with searching for narcotics, and is called upon to support several federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies when there is need. K-9's are, without a doubt, one of our finest crime fighting assets.

K-9 handlers know first hand that a highly trained police dog is one of the best partners a law enforcement officer can have. The dogs are selected and purchased either from local breeders or are imported. Of the puppies bred locally, only about 5% go on to be working police dogs. K-9’s imported from outside the U.S. come from vendors who guarantee they will be healthy and able to pass the basic police dog courses. Those not found suitable for any reason during training are rotated back to the vendor and replaced with new candidates. Often times the human half of a K-9 team will go through several K-9’s before an acceptable partner is found.

The Lake Mary Police Department currently owns a purebred German Shepherd full service Police K-9’s. In the Law Enforcement community, to be considered a full service working dog, the handler and their K-9 partner must complete a rigorous training program designed to identify & detect multipurpose narcotics, work in a patrol function, and successfully demonstrate techniques of search and apprehension abilities.  It is important to understand that all of these functions are valuable resources necessary to support this community in deterring crime and protecting the citizens of Lake Mary.

Upon completion of the training and in April of 2013, K-9 Neso received his state certification from FDLE, followed by certifications in narcotics detection from Central Florida K-9 in October of 2013, from the American Detection Canine Association, and a National Narcotics Detection through the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association Inc. (N.N.D.D.A) in November of 2013.

Now that K-9 Neso has attained certifications in all of his required training, he patrols the streets of Lake Mary with his partner PFC Lena DelGenio; and has proven time and time again that he is a valuable asset not only to the mission of the Lake Mary Police Department, but its community.




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