Historic Lake Mary Cemetery

240 Greenleaf Lane
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Established in October of 1894 by the Lake Mary Cemetery Association, two acres of land were given by the Honorable Judge David J. Pulling and his wife, Susan, to be held in trust as a public cemetery.  A second tract was deeded by Judge Pulling in 1902 and later transferred to the City of Lake Mary on October 1, 2010.

The Lake Mary Cemetery is a beautiful historic landmark located in downtown Lake Mary.  Visitors may enjoy the two acres of pleasant, quiet and picturesque surroundings while history buffs can appreciate a fascinating glimpse into Lake Mary's past.

Cemetery spaces and cremation niches are available for purchase.

Pricing for Cemetery Spaces

$1000.00 for residents or property owners

$1500.00 non-city residents

$200.00 Infant space/resident

$250.00 Infant space/non-resident

$800.00 Cremation space for residents

$1100.00 Cremation space/non-resident

$25.00 Permit fee

$500.00 for Veteran Space residents or property owners (applies only to the veteran space)

$1000.00 for Veteran Space non-city resident (applies only to the veteran space)

For information, please contact 407-585-1416, or stop by the Lake Mary Community Center at 140 E. Wilbur Avenue.

Lake Mary Cemetery Rules and Regulations

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The Historical Lake Mary Cemetery Map & Directions