About Us

About Lake Mary and Its Police Department

The geographic footprint of the City of Lake Mary is approximately 10 square miles. Lake Mary has a residential population of over 17,000 people and the daytime population can reach two to three times that amount. The police department employs 48 fulltime police officers, 5 part time police officers, 1 code enforcement officer and 7 civilian support personnel that handle other administrative duties. The officers in Lake Mary strive to know the community and to build positive relationships with the people they serve. Our community policing division hosts and/or participates in several large-scale community events each year and works with our residents and businesses to provide a myriad of safety tips and recommendations.

The Lake Mary Police Department is accredited by the Commission for Florida Accreditation (CFA) and has been since 2005. Continuing the good standing with CFA requires a vigorous re-accreditation process every three years, of which our police department has excelled each time.

I take pride in hiring quality people to serve as Lake Mary Police Officers. Each officer receives the training, equipment, supervision and leadership necessary to provide outstanding law enforcement services to the community.

Mission Statement

The City of Lake Mary Police Department exists to Protect Life; Enforce the Law; and Protect the Rights of all citizens to live in peace.

Phone Numbers

  • For Emergencies Dial 911
    Urgent needs for police assistance
  • Non-Emergencies: 407-665-1017
    For non-urgent and/or routine requests for police assistance.