Can I have items delivered, such as from my caterer, florist, DJ, etc.?

Any deliveries made by vendors must be done so in the pre-paid rental time.  No vendors will be allowed in the building outside of the pre-paid rental time. The building is in use seven days a week, often with multiple rentals a day, no storage space is available for early deliveries or overnight storage.

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1. How far in advance can I book a rental?
2. What is the process for reserving a rental space?
3. What forms of payment do you accept?
4. When can I come by to make my reservation and sign my contract?
5. I have moved within Lake Mary City limits after booking. Can I get the Resident Rate?
6. I know a Lake Mary City Resident; can I use their address when I book to receive the Resident Discount?
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8. Is there a damage or security deposit in addition to my rental charge?
9. Is someone there while our event is taking place or do I get a key to unlock the building?
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11. Can we have alcohol at our event?
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15. Are we responsible for cleaning up?
16. Can I choose my own vendors?
17. Can I have items delivered, such as from my caterer, florist, DJ, etc.?
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20. When renting Room 1, may I have music playing outside on the patio?
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24. I am having my wedding at the facility. Is any rehearsal time included?
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27. Do you provide linens or chair covers?