How do I set up my water service?

Please visit the Utility Billing page.

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1. I have a missing or broken street sign and want to request a new street sign. Who should I call?
2. My water quality and/or water pressure is not good. What should I do?
3. How do I set up my water service?
4. Who do I call for Mosquito Control?
5. There is a stray animal in my neighborhood. What should I do?
6. I plan to do some digging in and around my yard and there may be some utilities such as telephone, water, sewer, power, cable, etc. Who should I call to know where they are located?
7. Who can I call to have a pothole repaired?
8. A dead tree has fallen on the sidewalk blocking it and part of the road. Who should I report it to?
9. I have questions about trash pick up. Who should I call?