What are the Registration Procedures?

To register applicants, their parents or guardians complete the Special Needs Registry Form and return the document to the Lake Mary Police Department. Forms can be completed online, dropped off at the Police Department, requested to be picked up by an officer, or emailed to the Police Department. Parents and caregivers may enroll any person of any age with any type of medical condition or disability, including but not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Alzheimer's or Dementia, Bipolar Disorder, and Down Syndrome. Adults with special needs may also enroll themselves.

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1. What is the Lake Mary Police Department's Special Needs Registry?
2. Who is eligible?
3. Who has access to my family member’s profile?
4. Can I update my profile if there are changes? How do I do that?
5. How will this registry help if my family member is missing?
6. What are the Registration Procedures?
7. What happens once the person is registered?
8. As soon as I register, will the information be immediately available to responding police officers?