What happens once the person is registered?

Participants will receive a Lake Mary Police Department vinyl decal to display on or near the front door of your home. Participants that meet certain criteria such as Alzheimer's or Autism can receive a wrist band with an identifying number during the registration process. The Lake Mary Police Department will provide the wrist band at no cost. The participant, their parent or guardian, will be responsible to replace it should it be lost or damaged. When a Lake Mary Police Officer has contact with a person listed on the registry, our 911 center can provide useful information to help the officer successfully interact and communicate with your loved one. The registry can also provide the parent or caregiver's emergency contact information.

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1. What is the Lake Mary Police Department's Special Needs Registry?
2. Who is eligible?
3. Who has access to my family member’s profile?
4. Can I update my profile if there are changes? How do I do that?
5. How will this registry help if my family member is missing?
6. What are the Registration Procedures?
7. What happens once the person is registered?
8. As soon as I register, will the information be immediately available to responding police officers?