What is the First Step Process?

The First Step Process is the City of Lake Mary's development assistance program. The process provides a convenient, one-stop opportunity for business owners, developers, and other interested persons to receive project information from several City departments at one time. There is no fee for a First Step appointment. By meeting with the First Step Staff, you can find out about the regulations that apply to your project and the processes that are required for the development. If you are a resident and have questions about basic permitting, such as additions, fences, pools, and the like, a First Step Meeting is not recommended. Instead, please call 407-585-1361, to speak to a member of staff.

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1. What is the First Step Process?
2. What Should I Bring to a First Step Meeting?
3. What Information is Provided?
4. Does First Step Replace the Site Plan Review Process?
5. How Do I Make a First Step Appointment?