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Arbor Application

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    Review Process

    Permits are usually reviewed within 7 to 10 business days. The Arbor Permit Fee is $30 and is due at the time of permit issuance.

    General Arbor Regulations

    Trees may be removed with a permit if they are:

    • Dead, dying, or diseased;
    • A nuisance tree
    • Within the building pad or septic drain field;
    • Less than 6-inch caliper (new single-family/residential/commercial);
    • Less than 12-inch caliper (existing single family);
    • Within 15 feet of a structure, or
    • Within 7.5 feet of a structure if the tree is considered "historic".

    Historic Trees are:

    • Live Oak trees 24-inch in caliper or greater;
    • Long Leaf pine or Magnolia trees 20-inch in caliper or greater;
    • Red Cedar trees 12-inch in caliper or greater.

    Penalties for Unauthorized Removal of Trees

    If a tree not authorized for removal is removed, altered, or damaged such that its susceptibility to disease or other detrimental environmental factors is significantly increased, which may result in premature death, the general contractor and/or property owner shall pay fines based upon the following:

    1. Initial Fine for failure to obtain a permit - Fine of $250 per tree or $500 per historic tree removed.
    2. Secondary Fine for removal of a tree without a permit = $50 per caliper inch.
    3. Secondary Fine for removal of an historic tree without a permit = $100 per caliper inch.

    The initial fine (1) may not be mitigated; however, the additional fines related to the size of the tree removed (2) (3) may be mitigated by the violator committing to a replacement plan utilizing the replacement ratio and criteria provided in Chapter 157 of the City of Lake Mary Code of Ordinances. Arbor permits are good for sixty (60) days.

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