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Vacant House Watch

  1. Please Note

    Requests are only processed Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 4:30pm. Requests are not processed on observed holidays. Any requests submitted outside of the advertised days and times will not be processed until the next business day.

  2. Lights
  3. On Timers
  4. Alarm System
  5. Pool In Yard*
  6. Fence Around Yard*
  7. Fence Locked
  8. In case of emergency

  9. Contact 1
  10. Contact 2
  11. Contact 3
  12. Housewatch will not be performed beyond the "date returning".

  13. I Am The*
  14. Please note: The Vacant House Watch will end on the return date listed on the form. If your dates change or you return home early, it is incumbent upon you to contact the non-emergency number at 407-665-1017 and advise this information.

  15. Permission

    If "I do give permission" is checked, you agree that:
    I give permission to the Lake Mary Police Department members to enter this house if they find it necessary. They also have my permission, for which I will file any required complaint, to make any necessary legal arrests in order to protect my home and security.

  16. Consent

    By typing your name in the field, you are submitting via an electronic signature.

  17. Note

    If you will be gone for a longer time period than 3 months, please make arrangements to complete another form.

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