Applications and Forms

E-Mail completed applications to:


We are temporarily allowing Final Inspections during the modification period to be completed by an affadavit from the Contractor for the following work:

  • Plumbing Re-Pipe.
  • Water Heater Replacements (like for like).
  • Air Conditioning Replacements (like for like).
  • Window and Door Replacements.
  • Garage Door Replacements.

Please click here to access the affidavit and to review instructions for submittal.

Building Permit Application 
Building Permit Checklist  
Building Work not requiring a permit  
Change of General Contractor 
Commercial Sign Application 
Deferred Submittal 
Demolition Application 
First Step Process 
Fire Permit Application 
Fireworks Permit Application 
Inspection Request Codes 
Owner Builder Statement - Affidavit 

Permit & Fee Estimate Package - Non & Residential

Power of Attorney 
Request for Pre-Power 

Requirements for plan submittal for a new single-family residence

Residential & Commercial Revision Application 
Residential Mechanical Change Out Form  
Sign Registration (temporary) 
Spa & Hot Tub Safety 
Statement of Fact and Informed Consent 
Stocking Permit Application 
Tent Permit Application 

The following documents may be obtained by calling our Building Department at (407) 585-1362, or by e-mailing

  • Building Permit Fees
  • EAP Asbestos
  • Early Start Interior Work Authorization
  • FEMA Elevation Certificate Package
  • Notice of Commencement
  • Notice of Contest of Lien
  • Permit & Impact Fee Estimate Package - Non-Residential
  • Permit & Impact Fee Estimate Package - Residential
  • Plumbing Permit Worksheet
  • Re-Roof Supplement (no longer required)
  • Response to Comments