Applications and Forms


Final Inspections during the modification period to be completed by an affadavit from the Contractor for the following work:

  • Plumbing Re-Pipe.
  • Water Heater Replacements (like for like).
  • Air Conditioning Replacements (like for like).
  • Window and Door Replacements.
  • Garage Door Replacements.

Please click here to access the affidavit and to review instructions for submittal.

Building Permit Application 
Building Permit Checklist  
Building Work not requiring a permit  
Change of General Contractor 
Commercial Sign Application 
Deferred Submittal 
Demolition Application 
EAP Asbestos 
Fee Schedule 
First Step Process 
Fire Permit Application 
Fireworks Permit Application 
Inspection Request Codes 
Owner Builder Statement - Affidavit 

Permit & Fee Estimate Package - Non & Residential

Power of Attorney 
Plumbing Permit Worksheet 
Request for Pre-Power 

Requirements for plan submittal for a new single-family residence

Residential & Commercial Revision Application 
Residential Mechanical Change Out Form  
Response To Comments Form  
Revision Form  
Sign Registration (temporary) 
Spa & Hot Tub Safety 
Statement of Fact and Informed Consent 
Stocking Permit Application 
Tent Permit Application 

The following documents may be obtained by calling 407-585-1361.

  • FEMA Elevation Certificate Package
  • Notice of Commencement
  • Notice of Contest of Lien
  • Permit & Impact Fee Estimate Package - Non-Residential
  • Permit & Impact Fee Estimate Package - Residential
  • Re-Roof Supplement (no longer required)