First Step Process/Appointment Form

What is the First Step Process?
The First Step Process is the City of Lake Mary’s permit and development assistance program. The process provides a convenient, one-stop opportunity for business owners, developers, and other interested persons to receive project and permitting information from several city departments at one time. There is no fee for a First Step appointment. By meeting with the First Step staff, you can find out about the regulations that apply to your project, issues of concern you should address, and whether your project is consistent with the City’s comprehensive plan.
What Should I Bring to a First Step Meeting?
To get the most out of your First Step meeting bring as much information as possible about your project such as a survey, set of plans of the existing site or a sketch of your proposed development.
What Information is Provided?
During your First Step meeting, City staff from the Building, Community Development, Public Works, Police, and Fire Departments will provide you preliminary information to help you get your project started. During the meeting, you can learn about building permits, the availability of utilities at your site, how to submit development plans for review, sign regulations, parking requirements, transportation issues, comprehensive plan issues, fire safety requirements, zoning regulations such as setbacks and allowable activities within zoning districts, storm water management, and environmental protection requirements. By meeting with all the applicable city representatives at one time the applicant saves time and avoids having duplicate meetings with various individuals.
Does First Step Replace the Site Plan Review Process?
Your First Step meeting is not intended to replace the formal development review process required for most construction projects. It also does not imply approval of a project. After attending First Step, you still have to submit your completed site and development plans and work with City staff and the appropriate review board to address issues of concern and obtain approval for your project. However, property owners will find the First Step process beneficial in determining site constraints and zoning requirements prior to making costly expenditures in real estate and professional services for projects that may not be feasible.
How Do I Make a First Step Appointment?
To make a First Step appointment, you may contact Bobbie Jo Keel at (407) 585-1362, email her at, or submit the form below. All First Step meetings take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at our Municipal Services Complex, 911 Wallace Court.
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