Residential Mechanical Change Out Form


The Florida Building Commission (FBC) has authority over these installations.
Section 13-607.1 ABC.3.1.1 states… “Equipment covered under the Federal Energy Policy Act of 1992 shall comply with U.S. DOE certification requirements.” If a certification program exists (it does, ARI and others) and it includes certification provisions for verification and challenge, the product shall be listed under the certification program, or the ratings shall be verified by and independent laboratory test report. a. If no certification program exists for a product, the equipment efficiency ratings shall be supported based on data supplied by the manufacturer. b. Where components, such as indoor or outdoor coil, from different manufacturers are used, a Florida registered engineer shall specify component efficiencies whose combined efficiency meets the minimum equipment efficiency requirements in Section 13-607.1.ABC.3.2. 1. Changing a component (either air handler or outdoor unit) is NOT a repair subject to more permissive code provisions. 2. The Code does allow use of components from different manufactures, under the provisions identified above.
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