What types of items can be placed in the recycle container?


May be placed out for collection on the same day as household garbage collection in the blue cart provided. Additional items may be placed out but shall not exceed the volume of approximately one (1) 96 gallon cart per pick up. Items need to be of size that will fit in the recycle cart. With automated service once the cart is emptied, the service collector will need to exit the vehicle and transfer overflow to the cart for servicing. Larger items will be considered bulk and serviced on bulk and yard trash day.


ACCEPTABLE MATERIALS: (Please rinse out containers)

  • Pasteboard (boxes for items such as cereal, pizza, soda, beer, tissues, shoes and paper towel & toilet paper rolls)
  • Brown paper grocery bags (no wax, no wet strength material, no liners)
  • Cardboard (corrugated, non-coated) flattened & cut to fit inside the recycling cart)
  • Newspaper, supplements, magazines, catalogs & telephone books
  • Plastic containers #1 — #7 (like butter or yogurt containers)
  • Glass bottles and jars (clear, green and brown), remove all lids, no broken glass
  • Cans (aluminum, tin and steel containers, such as food cans
  • Non-hazardous aerosol cans (empty & nozzles removed)


  • Plastic bags
  • Aluminum foil/pie plates
  • Drinkware
  • Plastic plant trays/containers, or buckets (even if recycle #1 — #7)
  • Waxed cardboard
  • Light bulbs
  • Egg cartons
  • Styrofoam Visit

www.earth911.com for more local recycling options.