Lake Mary's ISO Rating is now a Class 2!

The Lake Mary Fire Department is excited to announce that following their recent ISO inspection, the City’s PPC rating has improved from a three (3) to a two (2).  In the ISO world, the lower the score the better!
The Insurance Services Office (ISO) rates municipal fire protection services on a scale from one to ten with one being the highest and ten the lowest.  Several areas are evaluated through the PPC (Public Protection Classification) to determine the level and quality of the City’s fire protection.  These areas include the following:  Emergency Communications, Fire Department, Water Supply and Community Risk Reduction.  For more information on those areas, please visit
Why is this exciting you might ask? The PPC rating may be used by insurance companies as a criterion in establishing rates for property insurance. The extent to which the PPC rating affects these rates may vary from one insurance company to another so be sure to check with yours.
We take great pride in the level of service provided to our citizens and level of commitment from all involved.   The fire department has worked diligently to improve all aspects to reach international accreditation and now a Class 2 ISO rating.  We are excited about the positive reflection on our City but more importantly that it may provide a reduced insurance benefit to our property owners throughout the City.