Booking Procedure

Please read below for the booking procedure, cancellation policy, and for setup and cleanup requirements. 

  • The Lake Mary Events Center takes bookings up to 18 months in advance. When making a reservation for 18 months in advance, booking opens the first business day of the month. Lake Mary City residents can book from 8:00 AM-2:00 PM on the first business day of the month. At  2:00 PM, booking opens for non-residents as well.
  • Contracts signed 12-18 months prior to the event date are subject to a rate increase not to exceed 10% of the contracted rate. Rates are no longer subject to change within 364 days of the event date.
  • Reservation requests are made on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
  • Fifty percent (50%) of the rental fee together with a signed facility use contract will secure an event date. Unless the reservation is made within thirty (30) days of the event date in which case, the total rental fee, 7% sales tax, and damage deposit would be due.
  • The rental fee balance and damage deposit are due thirty (30) days prior to the event.
  • If you are tax exempt, please inform staff prior to completing the contract. You will need to provide the proper paperwork, including your certificate of sales tax exemption. All State of Florida rules regarding this type of sale will be adhered to.
  • Damage deposits, due thirty (30) days prior to the event, are deposited into the City’s General Fund. The damage deposit will be returned via City check, usually within six (6) weeks following the event. Deductions may be made for damage, excessive cleaning, or time used beyond the contracted period.
  • Per City Resolution 838, in order to provide online payment service, all credit, debit and electronic check (E-check) transactions will be charged a convenience fee as follows:
  • Credit/debit cards- $2.00 fee up to $50 payment, $2.95 fee for payment greater than $50 up to $100, plus $2.00 fee for each additional $100 amount or fraction thereof. 
  • Electronic Check (E-check)- $2.95 per transaction.
  • Service fees on credit, debit and E-check payments will not be refunded.
  • Courtesy holds may be accepted and held for a maximum of seven (7) days, at which time the hold may expire without notice. Courtesy holds may be made in person or by telephone. It is not guaranteed that customers with courtesy holds will be contacted by the reservations office prior to the expiration of the hold. Courtesy holds will expire on the seventh (7th) day of the hold. No courtesy holds will be accepted on the first business day of the month when booking 18 months in advance. Courtesy holds accepted within thirty (30) days of the desired event date can only be held for 48 hours.
  • Floor plans and a list of requested equipment must be submitted to the reservations office no less than ten (10) days prior to the event. If a floor plan is not submitted ten (10) days prior to the event date, Events Center staff will begin setting up tables/chairs upon the rental party’s arrival, which could cut into rental time.
  • The Lake Mary Events Center reserves the right to cancel the facility use contract if the rental fee balance and damage deposit are not paid when due, thirty (30) days prior to the event date.
  • Please contact the reservations office at (407) 585-1490 or (407) 585-1497 to make your reservation, reschedule or cancel an event, or for additional facility information. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.
  • Reservations may be made in person Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM. It is recommended that you call to check on the availability of the building for tours.