Mayor & City Commission


Lake Mary is often recognized for its efficient government and progressive attitude. A "Total Quality" managed city government provides a true customer oriented style of leadership. The City seeks to join forces with quality managed businesses to build a partnership for the future. In concert with Seminole County, economic incentives may be available to attract quality corporations.

Offering a "Commission/City Manager" form of government, full-time professionals manage the daily processes and an elected City Commission maintains policy objectives and strategic planning processes. The City is proud to say we have the lowest average municipal tax rate in the county. The result is a vibrant, well-planned community offering residents and businesses alike what the City calls "Total Quality of Life!"

The City Commission’s regular meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:00 P. M. in the Commission Chambers at City Hall. However, the time or date could be changed by the commission. If you would like to have an item placed on an agenda, please contact the City Manager’s office.  All requests including backup material are due in the City Manager’s office by 9:00 A.M. on Monday of the week prior to the meeting.

The Commission also provides for “Citizen Participation” at each regular meeting.   This is an opportunity for anyone to come address the Commission on any matter relating to the City or of concern to our citizens.  This also includes: 1) any item discussed at a previous work session; 2) any item not specifically listed on a previous agenda but discussed at a previous Commission meeting or 3) any item on tonight’s agenda not labeled as a public hearing.  Items requiring a public hearing are generally so noted on the agenda and public input will be taken when the item is considered.     However, they have adopted a policy limiting each person to 5 minutes.

Mayor & City Commission

Name Title
David Mealor Mayor
Jordan Smith Commissioner - Seat #1
George F. Duryea Commissioner - Seat #2
Sidney Miller Commissioner - Seat #3 - Deputy Mayor
Justin York Commissioner - Seat #4