City Commission Meeting Minutes 12/05/2019

Meeting date: 
Thursday, December 5, 2019
100 N. Country Club Road, Lake Mary, Florida
Regular Meeting
THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2019, 7:00 P.M.


1. Call to Order


The meeting was called to order by Mayor David Mealor at 7:00 P.M.


2. Moment of Silence


3. Pledge of Allegiance


4. Roll Call


David Mealor, Mayor
Jordan Smith, Commissioner
George F. Duryea, Commissioner
Sidney Miller, Deputy Mayor
Justin York, Commissioner (absent)
Kevin Smith, City Manager
Frank Cornier, Fire Chief
Joe Wallace, Deputy Police Chief
Brent Mason, Finance Director
Bruce Paster, Public Works Director
Bryan Nipe, Parks & Recreation Director
Lindsay Malsam, IT Manager
Wanda Broadway, Human Resources Manager
Michelle McCurdy, City Clerk
Katie Reischmann, City Attorney


5. Approval of Minutes


A. Draft Special Called Meeting and City Commission Minutes – November 21, 2019


A motion was made by Commissioner Smith to approve the minutes of November 21, 2019, Special Called, and Regular Meeting. Commissioner Duryea seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.
6. Special Presentations


A. ISO Update


Frank Cornier, Fire Chief, came forward. He stated we had a productive year. As you know, we had multiple life-saving awards, and we also had our community risk assessment. Part of that was for the accreditation process—we are now Internationally Accredited. During that time, while we were going through our accreditation process, we had a site visit and review from ISO. Our ISO rating was a Class 3; it is now a Class 2.


As you know, the ISO reviews our water system, Fire Department--which includes training equipment, staffing, and so forth--they look at our emergency communications system, and they also look at any community risk reduction efforts we have. We were rated a three, and we were running about 75.8% into the Class 3 classification.


A couple of weeks ago, I received a letter indicating that we went from a Class 3 to a Class 2. As you know, with ISO review and ratings, underwriters of insurance companies look at this, and that's how they underwrite insurance policies in the City for both commercial and residential properties. So, there is a possibility for lower premiums.


Our score increased by 9 points to almost 85%. This is a huge accomplishment for the City as a whole. This shows our citizens that we are dedicated to trying to improve the City as much as possible.


Chief Cornier thanked everyone for their support. He also thanked the Firefighters and Staff, who did a tremendous job providing the documentation needed for this review to be successful.


Mayor Mealor stated the ISO change does imply that insurance rates may be reduced.


Chief Cornier said that is correct.


Kevin Smith, City Manager, said it is correct.


Mayor Mealor continued by saying this is a savings for those people who have invested in Lake Mary. He thinks this is the kind of news we would share with our residents.


The Commission directed the City Manager to share the news of the Fire Department ISO classification rating update on the utility bill inserts for January.


Mayor Mealor thanked Chief Cornier for a job well done.


7. Citizen Participation
This is an opportunity for anyone to come forward and address the Commission on any matter relating to the City or of concern to our citizens. This also includes 1) any item discussed at a previous work session; 2) any item not specifically listed on a previous agenda but discussed at a previous Commission meeting or 3) any item on tonight's agenda not labeled as a public hearing. Items requiring a public hearing are generally so noted on the agenda, and public input will be taken when the item is considered.




8. Unfinished Business


9. New Business


10. Other Items for Commission Action


11. City Manager’s Report


A. Items for Approval


a. Vehicle and Equipment Replacements for FY 2020


Mr. Smith stated, as you may recall in the budget workshop, we had appropriated funding in the vehicle replacement fund for 17 vehicles. We have purchased two of those already to include a Community Development vehicle and our Fire Rescue. That leaves us with 15 units.


Vehicles and equipment are being purchased under the following contracts: Florida Sheriff’s Association (FSA 19-VEH27.0/FSA 19-VEH17.0) and City of Tampa, Bid Number 21092617. The total cost of the 15 replacement units, including appurtenances, is $541,601.22—that is below the allocated funding for FY 2020. We are also requesting that the 15 existing units be declared surplus.


 Also, one new vehicle is requested for our new Traffic Officer and is budgeted under Police Impact Fees at $54,700. The cost of this new vehicle is $49,402.64.


Thus, I would recommend the Commission authorize the purchase of vehicles and also, declare vehicle numbers 629, 12, 75, 363, 372, 07, 2262, 2266, 2272, 2286, 2287, 2288, 2291, 2293, and 2294 surplus and authorize City Manager to dispose of same. 


A motion was made by Commissioner Duryea to authorize the purchase of vehicles and equipment as described above.  Also, declare vehicle numbers 629, 12, 75, 363, 372, 07, 2262, 2266, 2272, 2286, 2287, 2288, 2291, 2293, and 2294 surplus and authorize City Manager to dispose of same. Deputy Mayor Miller seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.


A. Items for Information


B. Announcements


Mr. Smith wanted to expand on some of the awards that we spoke about earlier and advised that we received notice recently that our Lake Mary Heathrow Festival of the Arts was recognized as the Leisure Event of the Year by the Seminole County Tourism Development Council (TDC).


He thanked Commissioner Smith, who serves on that Board and congratulated DeLores Lash and her team. He also thanked Bryan Nipe and his Staff, who have added some significant value to the Festival.


Mayor Mealor thanked Commissioner Smith for serving on the Board. He said it is such an important event not just for the City and the county but for the entire region.


Before concluding the announcements, Mr. Smith requested to cancel the meetings for December 19, 2019, and January 2, 2020, as there is no business to bring forward to the Commission.


There were no objections to canceling the meetings.
12. Mayor and Commissioners Report


A. Annual Appointments/Reappointments to Advisory Boards


Mayor Mealor stated it is the time for the annual reappointments.


For the Historical Commission (3-year terms), Elizabeth Randall and Karen Feldman have both expressed interest in serving another term.


Elizabeth Randall and Karen Feldman were reappointed to the Historical Commission.


For the Planning and Zoning Board (3-year terms), Thomas Peet and Andrew DeStefano would like to continue to serve. With the election of Commissioner York, the alternate position is now vacant. Mr. Benjamin Vogt, who has served on the Code Enforcement Board, has requested to fill that vacancy.


Benjamin Vogt was appointed to fill the Alternate Member position.


With Mr. Vogt moving to the Planning and Zoning Board, there is now a vacancy. Two people have expressed interest. The first is Matt Boyd, who also expressed interest in serving on two other boards. The second, Matthew Ventura expressed that he would prefer to serve on the code enforcement board.


Matthew Ventura was appointed to the Code Enforcement Board.


On the Fire Pension Board, Karen Gudinas is resigning at the end of her term. We did have one person that expressed interest, Mrs. Elizabeth Stack.


Martin Bell was reappointed to the Firefighters Pension Board. Elizabeth Stack was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Karen Gudinas at the end of her term.


On the Elder Affairs Commission, Pamela Bussey was reappointed to the Elder Affairs Commission. Matt Boyd was appointed to the Elder Affairs Commission to fill the seat vacated by Sharon Prescott at the end of her term.


Nicholas Carlin, Robert Boardman, and William Koffer were reappointed to the Parks and Recreation Board.


Commissioner Smith said last night he attended the CALNO meeting. Tony Matthews, Complete County Committee Coordinator, had a great presentation about the census. They have a committee of 25 members from various cities. There are four ways to respond in 2020: online, phone, paper, or personal visit by census employee. We must remind our community of the importance of filling out the census; this is how communities get money.


Commissioner Smith wished everyone a happy holiday season. He said Central Park looked excellent and gave kudos to Bryan Nipe and his team. He concluded his report.


Mayor Mealor said Commissioner Lucarelli served as the alternate for CALNO and moved to appoint Commissioner York to serve as the alternate member; there were no objections.


Commissioner Duryea said Central Park looks amazing. He thanked the Staff for a job well done.


Deputy Mayor Miller wished everyone a Merry Christmas. He thanked Staff for another fantastic year for the City of Lake Mary.
13. City Attorney’s Report


Mrs. Reischmann wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season.
14. Adjournment


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:25 P.M.