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Seminole County Sheriff’s Office receives all of the City of Lake Mary’s 911 and non-emergency calls and dispatches a Patrol Officer when police response is required.  The City of Lake Mary receives approximately 5,000  9-1-1 calls and over 70, 000 non-emergency calls for services each year.  Dispatchers are trained to obtain pertinent information and then immediately dispatch the call to a patrol officer.

Property and Evidence

The Property and Evidence section is the repository for all property and evidence that is obtained by the Lake Mary Police Department. All property and evidence collected follows a Chain of Custody to ensure the integrity of the items collected. Standards and safeguards are in place to guarantee all property is processed in accordance with state laws, City ordinances and departmental policies and procedures.

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The U.S. Department of Justice awarded a grant to the City funding a new evidence system as part of the FY 2017 Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence-Inventory, Tracking, and Reporting Program (SAFE-ITR).  The program funds an evidence management program to inventory, track and report untested and unsubmitted sexual assault kits from the time it is collected as evidence to the time it leaves the laboratory and the case receives final disposition in court. 

As part of the grant award we will be reporting the following metrics to the National Institute of Justice every 60 days.

a.   Reporting period:  November 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020 

b.  Number of Sexual Assault Kits (SAKs) held from November 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020: 12

c.  Total Number of Kits in our possession:  12

i.  Number that have not been submitted to a crime lab:  0

 ii.  Number of SAKs that have not been previously reported: 0

iii. Number of SAKs that have been determined not to need any testing:  0

d.  Total number of SAKs that have undergone analysis to date:  12

e.  Total number which DNA or appropriate analysis has been completed: 12

f.  Total number of SAKs where the suspect will be barred from prosecution within 12 months: 0

g.  Total number of SAKs for which prosecution is barred by a statute of limitations: 0 


The Records Section is the central repository for all reports generated by the Lake Mary Police Department.  Records provides copies of reports, local area criminal history checks, and fingerprinting to the public.

In addition to assisting the public, Records personnel report crime data to Tallahassee through the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) software for state and national crime statistical publication. This information is also available to the public.

To submit a public records request to the Lake Mary Police Department, please visit

The Records Section is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The Records Section is closed on observed holidays.

Phone 407-585-1320 and 407-585-1321Fax 407-585-1397 

To contact us by mail:

RecordsLake Mary Police Department165 E. Crystal Lake Ave.Lake Mary, FL  32746 

In addition to the services above, we also provide the following: