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Claiming Your Property

Property that is classified as "found" or "safekeeping" (with the exception of firearms) may be claimed by appointment at the Lake Mary Police Department (LMPD) during the hours of 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Contact our Property and Evidence Specialist at 407-585-1324 or email David Kaiser.

Lost/Found Property

Pursuant to Florida State Statute 705.103(2)(b)1, the Lake Mary Police Department disposes of certain property as follows:

  • Donating unclaimed property to charitable organizations
  • Retaining the property for use
  • Surrendering the property to the finder 
  • Or trading the property to another unit of government or state agency 

Items found and turned over to our agency are held for approximately 90 days. Every effort will be made to find rightful owners and return property to them.  It is important to provide us with proof of ownership for certain items.

Persons wishing to lay claim to any of the property posted below may do so by contacting our Property and Evidence Specialist, at 407-585-1324, or email David Kaiser.

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Safekeeping Property (Excluding Firearms)

If you are listed on the receipt as the owner, present the receipt with the case number on it and a valid photo ID. If you're not listed as the owner, contact the Lake Mary Police Officer who issued the receipt. He or she must authorize, in writing, the release of the property to you. A valid photo ID will be required when you pick up the property.

Evidence Property

Per Florida State Statute 925.11, if the suspect in the case is found guilty by jury, the property must be held for four years after sentencing, regardless of who owns the property. If the suspect pled in court or charges were dropped, property can be released with written authorization from the detective or officer responsible for the case. A certified copy of a court order can also release the property.

Claiming Firearms

The release of firearms is governed by how the weapon is classified: evidence, safekeeping or Court Ordered Domestic Violence Injunction. If you're uncertain as to the classification assigned to your property, contact the detective or officer who is handling the case. Firearms are disposed of under Florida State Statute 790, therefore, NO finder’s claim may be made on found firearms.

Release of a Firearm

Before the return of any firearm, the following must be completed:

  1. Persons claiming a firearm are subject to a background check to ensure they are not a convicted felon, are not wanted, or have an outstanding domestic violence injunction.
  2. A check of Lake Mary Police Department records must be completed to determine the background information on the case. If there is any question about the adjudication of a charge(s), the weapon will not be released until the issue is resolved.
  3. The officer or detective who seized the weapon must authorize the release.

Ammunition is not returned due to safety concerns, unless a court order specifies otherwise.

Evidence Firearms

Evidence firearms will not be returned without instructions from the State Attorney's Office or a Court Order, unless the case was dismissed or results in a judgment of acquittal. Proper photo identification must be presented and pursuant to Florida State Statute 790.08, the charges in the case must be concluded.

Safekeeping Firearms

Firearms of non-evidentiary nature (safekeeping, death investigations, suicidal incidents, etc.) shall not be released without direction from the designated detective, officer, or their supervisor.

Firearms Subject to Court Ordered Domestic Injunctions

Release requires a certified copy of the court order lifting the injunction prepared by the judge who issued the injunction. There are no exceptions.

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Still Have a Question?

Contact our Property and Evidence Specialist at 407-585-1324 or email David Kaiser.