Additional Explanations



Mono Slab-Refers to the type of construction where perimeter and interior footings are poured integrally with the slab.


Ceiling Air Barrier-Refers to the Energy Code required barrier at the ceiling when the thermal envelope of the building is the ceiling. House wraps and taped and sealed drywall may constitute an air barrier but dropped acoustical tile ceilings may not. See FBC Chapter 13 Subchapter 2 for definition.


Insulation Roof (Commercial)-In composite roof applications where insulation is part of the assembly the insulation is present to satisfy energy code requirements and must be verified. This can be an in-progress inspection. Coordinate with the building department.


Roof Dry In-Valley lining, drop edge, roof vents, and flashing shall be installed at the time of inspection.


Trailer Blocking and Tie Downs-Tie down and electrical inspection are required before power will be released for construction trailers. Plumbing or Mechanical systems not self-contained with the trailer package require separate permits.


Sign Fastener Inspection (Wall Signs)-Inspection of attachments and fasteners is required in the City of Lake Mary. Coordinate the building department inspection with your installation to provide access and inspection of attachment locations.


Sunroom Framing/Fastener Inspection-Required in applications where major connections will be concealed when the wall assembly is completed. This inspection is to take place while the wall assembly is open. Call for an inspection per regular procedure and, if desired, coordinate an in-progress inspection by calling inspection staff between 8 am and 8:30 am on the day of the inspection.


Final Sign-When the sign is a wall sign coordinate the final sign inspection with the final sign electric inspection.


Pre-Power Commercial-Both Electrical and Fire Pre-Power inspections are required for the release of power to the building.


FM200 Acceptance Test-Includes cylinder pressure test, door fan test, smoke detector checks, fire alarm tie-in, purge panel, and purge system inspection.


ANSUL/Hood System Test-Should be done in conjunction with the mechanical (HVAC) contractor and fire alarm company at the time of acceptance test.


Fire Pump Acceptance Test-Done in conjunction with the fire pump manufacturer's representative. (Fire alarm company to be present at the time of inspection.)


Fire Pre-Power-Both Fire Pre-power and Electrical Pre-Power inspections are required for the release of power to the building.


Mag Lock/Access Control/Delayed Egress Test-Acceptance of magnetic-type locks requires the presence of the fire alarm company