Information for Vendors

The City of Lake Mary, in partnership with DemandStar, processes its procurement transactions through the DemandStar electronic procurement system. DemandStar will enable the City of Lake Mary to better connect with vendors and improve the overall efficiency of its purchasing operation.

DemandStar will provide vendors with access to important procurement information. Services that will be available to you include:

  • Notification of bid, proposal, and quote solicitations
  • Access to detailed project information
  • Access to key documents via electronic download
  • Access to Planholders Lists
  • Access to contract award information
  • Ability to submit bid and quote responses online

You may register for DemandStar services, online, at the Demand Star website. If you would like to register for your free notification service of purchase solicitations issued by the City of Lake Mary through DemandStar, once you are logged onto the Web page, select the "DemandStar Free Agency" option. On the form that opens, furnish the pertinent information for your business, be sure to enter "City of Lake Mary" in the Agency Name field.

Current business opportunities with the City of Lake Mary can be viewed on this Web page.

If you have questions, or need technical assistance with the Web site, call DemandStar Supplier Services at 1-800-711-1712.

How to do business with the City of Lake Mary

The purpose of this section is to generally explain to potential vendors and contractors how they may be able to participate in the markets created by the procurement needs of the City of Lake Mary and its various operating departments. The demand for goods and services generated by the City results in the continued need for a wide variety of commodities and services. The City of Lake Mary hopes this information will help you become better acquainted with how we do business and how to present your product or service(s) in a mutually effective and beneficial manner.

This information is intended to be a very general guide. If your questions are not addressed herein, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Purchasing Coordinator, whose contact information is listed below. She will be glad to answer your questions concerning the City of Lake Mary’s Purchasing policies and procedures.