Utility Customer Service

The Utility Billing Division, located in the east wing of City Hall, is responsible for all related services including water, wastewater, garbage, recycling, and yard waste. Their goal is to provide the best possible service while ensuring that all charges are accurately reflected in the customer's monthly statement.

Residential deposits for new accounts are required in the amount of $40 for water only or $85 for water and wastewater combined. The deposit for a garbage-only customer is $40. You are also required to pay a non-refundable $10 turn-on or $5 transfer fee depending on the situation. The deposit may be refunded after two years of on-time payment history. Please note, it is unlawful for anyone other than an authorized City employee to turn on the water. Penalties will be assessed for any theft of services or damaged water meter(s). Apply for utility service.

Utility bills are mailed monthly and include a due date. Any bill which has not been paid by the due date indicated on the statement will immediately be subject to a 10% penalty. The City has a 24-hour payment drop box located on the north end of the parking lot at City Hall. Payments are collected on a daily basis during normal business hours and those dropped off after 5 pm are posted on the next business day. the city is not responsible for cash deposited in the drop box. Electronic payments can be made via the website or by phone at 844-257-6009. Please be aware there is a convenience fee associated with electronic payments.

Utility accounts are delinquent thirty days after the billing date and subject to disconnection, and a $25 delinquent service fee will be charged. If service is disconnected, the City will not furnish or permit the user to receive service from the system until all obligations owed to the city on the account have been paid in full, together with the delinquent service fee. Should a user require reconnection of service after 3 pm, an additional charge of $45 will be collected.

The City has an exclusive solid waste franchise agreement with Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. which is responsible for providing residential solid waste collection including garbage, recycling, and yard trash. Charges for these services will appear on your monthly utility bill. Garbage carts and recycling carts are provided by the City and they are to remain at the property should the account be closed. Malicious damage, destruction, or removal of carts from a property is strictly prohibited and subject to penalty.

Commercial recycling companies shall obtain a permit and pay the appropriate fee at the City Clerk's Office at City Hall.

No carts/debris/large items shall be placed out for collection any earlier than 6 pm of the day prior to a scheduled pick up and no later than 6 am on the day of collection and containers shall be removed no later than 8 pm on the day they are emptied.