Zoning Districts Information

Lake Mary has the following zoning categories:

The full description of each zoning district along with the building setbacks and allowable uses is contained in the Lake Mary Code of Ordinances. This page contains an abbreviated description of each zoning district. Please note that there may be additional requirements such as for lakefront lots, landscaping, site plan requirements and parking. Please call 407-585-1369 for further information.

  1. A-1, Agricultural District
  2. R-CE, Rural Country Estate
  3. R-1AAA, R-1AA & R-1A Single Family Dwelling District
  4. R-2, One & Two Family Dwelling District
  5. R-3, Multiple Family Dwelling District
  6. RM, Mobile Home Park
  7. PUD, Planned Development
  8. PO, Professional Office
  9. C-1, General Commercial
  10. C-2, Commercial District
  11. M-1A, Office & Light Industrial
  12. M-2A, Industrial District
  13. DC, Downtown Centre

Site development standards:

  • Minimum lot size (above the mean high water line): 3 acres.
  • Minimum site width at building line: 200 feet.
  • Minimum street frontage: 35 feet.

Minimum setbacks:

  • Front yard: 25 feet.
  • Side yard: A combined setback of 20 feet with a minimum dimension in each yard of 8 feet.
  • Rear yard: 30 feet.

Maximum building height: 35 feet.